We are an information systems company founded in 2015, consists of a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified technicians that provides innovative and high value for our customers solutions.

The activity of Geosense focuses on the creation and development of information products “key-in-hand” for cartography (maps), aerial photography, 3D modeling and maps for precision farming with the use of aerial platforms (drones, light aircraft) for the acquisition of very high resolution images using various types of sensors.

The products generated are Orthophotomaps (georeferenced images of very high resolution 2-10 cm with actual dimensions) based on RGB sensors, NIR, RE, thermal; 3D models (Point Cloud and terrain elevation and Raster); and aerophotogrammetric surveys and field topography.
This information allows the development of decision support systems in precision agriculture, forestry, surveying, urban planning, cadastre, erosion monitoring, inspection infrastructures (wind and solar parks, and powerlines), construction, security and monitoring of natural areas, risk assessment, among many others.

The activity of months allowed to build a portfolio of clients like Esporão, NEC Portugal, the Ministry of Health, the New University of Lisbon, the Algarve University, the University of Coimbra and Esri Portugal, among others. This activity was mostly linked to the development of new applications of sensors of various types to study the growth of agricultural and forestry species, and monitoring of dams and infrastructure of port and coastal protection.




CEO at Geosense since 2015. Master of Geographic Information Systems and Degree in Environmental Engineering. In Geosense he is currently responsible for geographic information systems and remote sensing using satellite and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Previously roles included Consultant of Internal Affairs Directorate General where he was responsible for the design and development of the Territorial Information System of Internal Affairs (SITAI- Currently known as GEOMAI) for Safety and Security Services (GNR, PSP, ANPC, ANSR, among others). SITAI includes the infrastructure of spatial data for Internal Affairs (MAI) in Portugal. He was responsible for data sharing protocols between MAI and Information providers and set out the various procedures of procurement of goods and services.


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